About New Zealand Angus History of Angus Cattle in New Zealand

ANGUS cattle have been around Europe and Great Britain since the 15th century.

They are the only breed of cattle that were bred for their meat.

New Zealand’s ANGUS Genes originated from the Aberdeen Angus Herds of Scotland. They were brought to New Zealand by those settlers who emigrated to New Zealand.

They later returned to their homeland to source live cattle they felt would suit the harsher conditions experienced when they arrived in their future homeland.

From this quiet beginning, the New Zealand Angus breed has grown to be the largest beef breed in New Zealand.

Early breeders adapted their ANGUS cattle to the conditions they had to cope with. From these early beginnings, ANGUS cattle have thrived on the many challenges New Zealand conditions have asked of them.

Over many years ANGUS bulls have also been used as a ‘cross’ with other beef breeds, to produce the very popular crossbred ‘white-face’ cattle so sort after by New Zealand cattle finishers.

In recent years, ANGUS sires have also become a popular choice within the dairy industry. ANGUS/Dairy Cross offspring are recognised for their easy calving and ability to grow into high quality beef.

Renowned as the breed for all situations, the arrival of the ‘branded food age’ has precipitated the latest exciting development opportunity for ANGUS cattle.

The ANGUS branded product, ‘AngusPure’, has developed significantly over the last 6 months, marketing Prime ANGUS beef in high profile markets. Restaurants, Ski resorts, Gourmet outlets, Airlines and Hotels are increasingly using ‘AngusPure’, commenting favourably on its quality, tenderness, consistency and taste.

Strong demand from other interested outlets is making it imperative that the supply of ‘AngusPure’ beef for the branded market is readily available.